UIM Universal Interface Module


Part of EN 54-16 approval

The Universal Interface Module (UIM) serves as an interface module of VARIODYN® D1 sound system for the connection of two analog audio inputs, two analog audio outputs as well as 48 control contacts. In eight control contacts, monitoring of short circuit and open circuit can be activated.

The UIM can be connected via the DAL Bus to the VARIODYN® D1 DOM module.

It digitizes two analog audio inputs, i.e. from a CD player or a hazard detection system, and transmits the digitized audio data to the VARIODYN D1 module DOM via the DAL bus. In order to transmit all played messages to an external device, for instance, two outputs are available as analog audio sources. The 48 contacts can serve as contact inputs or as contact inputs. This allows for an external control of the VARIODYN D1 system, and information about the status of the system is made available.

  • EN 54-16 certified
  • Two analog audio inputs/outputs
  • 48 contacts freely programmable as inputs and outputs
  • Digital Audio link (DAL) to DOM
Outputs 36 V DC/50 mA
Output impedance 200 Ω / 200 Ω (XLR / Cinch, potential free)
Inputs max. 36 V DC
Load impedance 100 kΩ / 1 kΩ (XLR / Cinch, potentialfrei)
Weight kg approx. 3.6 kg
Harmonic distortion at nominal level
< 0.05 %
Nominal level Output 0 dBu
Nominal level Input 0 dBu
Air humidity 15 ... 90 % (non-condensing)
Current consumption @ 24 V DC <150 mA
Transmission range 20 ... 22000 Hz
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 55 °C
Dimensions W: 483 mm H: 44 mm D: 345 mm (1 HU, 19")
Declaration of Performance
  • 583401.21 Signal cable12 for UIM
  • 583481 Patch cable Cat5, 1 m blue (DAL)
  • 583482 Patch cable Cat5, 2 m blue (DAL)
  • 583483 Patch cable Cat5, 3 m blue (DAL)
  • 583703 mounting set 1
  • 583332 overvoltage protection module for UIM-contacts