Protected pleasure and treasure

Cultural buildings, whether leisure parks, museums, art galleries or similar objects, are distinguished by two things: They are frequented by large crowds and valuable material assets are found here. Human safety should always be in the foreground, but it is nevertheless necessary to take other factors into account. The special challenges in museums and historical buildings are often difficult environmental conditions. Here the focus lies on guaranteeing the safety not only of the visitors, but also of the exhibits and art objects.

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Albertina Hazard Management in the Albertina in Vienna
These days up to 8 000 people visit the Albertina every day. Our technologies ensure the provision of the essential security measures with no harm to the museum's artistic value and its unique interior design.
Case Studies
Kunsthalle Weishaupt Kunsthalle Weishaupt

The Esser safety solutions made it possible to protect the irreplaceable exhibits in the up to 8.5 meter high rooms from destruction by fire and at the same time to develop a concept taking the architectural demands into consideration.

Martime Museum International Maritime Museum Hamburg

Due to the historic building style comprising wood and brickwork, a comprehensive fire protection was required in order to protect the exhibits and up to 1,200 visitors per day. Since the interior design is mainly made of wood a special solution to safety issues was found.