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An essential requirement for the protection of larger buildings is to consider specific use of the building and specific targets to be protected. An office block with several thousand people passing in and out the doors during the day generally requires a different protection than an industrial plant. In order to provide the ideal solution for all object classes, we build on our longtime experience and our extensive know-how. We develop individual systems and integrated solutions for specific applications. Our international background and our global focus enable us to offer the best available solution for various countries.

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The preservation of the data saved in commercial and administrative buildings requires special attention. F.e. EDP rooms need to be protected by highly sensitive aspirating smoke detection systems.


The special challenges in museums and historical buildings are often difficult environmental conditions.

Health Care

The challenges of fire protection and controlled emergency evacuations in hospitals are numerous.


Human beings and especially hotel guests need to be protected with highest priority.


Unlike most other object types, the protection of material assets is top priority in the industry.


Railway stations, airports and other infrastructural objects have changed tremendously over the last years.

Public Buildings

Human safety has always top priority, but here also the protection of assets becomes quite significant.

Small Medium Buildings

Not all small and medium buildings are the same. Honeywell Small and Medium Building Product Solutions range from Fire and Gas Detection to PA/VA and extinguishing systems. Which secure your building portfolio across many industry applications.


In the event of an emergency, fire protection concepts for stadiums need to enable controlled evacuation and ensure personal protection. The most important thing is the reliable early detection of dangerous situations.


Have a look at our Video about Tunnel Safety and Security and see why Honeywell is the best partner to go for when it comes to such challenging infrastructure projects.