Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Thanks to their modular structure, Honeywell Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems facilitate the implementation of both small and large solutions for public addressing, background music, alarm and evacuation.

Public Address & Voice Alarm

Voice Alarm is increasingly important in the safe management of buildings. A voice message informs occupants exactly what to do in an emergency and it is a long established fact that people respond more quickly and are more likely to take the correct action during an evacuation if voice messages are used instead of tone sounders.

The modular structure of VARIODYN ONE PA/VA system fulfills the high standards of a voice alarm system to safely alarm and evacuate people. It also provides additional benefit of a public address system, such as advertisement announcements, entertainment or internal communication in widespread buildings. The system can be networked together to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful solution for a wide range of applications. VARIODYN ONE system can also be connected directly to the fire alarm control panel. This offers people and assets safety in case of fire.

Illustration VoiceSuitable for large and complex sites like

  • Airports and transport hubs
  • Shopping centers
  • Large office buildings
  • Universities
  • Exhibition halls

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INTEVIO offers the benefits of a state of the art PA/VA system in one simple to use, cost effective system. INTEVIO is a dual channel PA/VA system with a total capacity of 128 loudspeaker zones, achieving high quality sound reproduction performance. With live paging, digital volume control, scheduled triggering, dynamic power amplifier backup and comprehensive supervision now INTEVIO makes PA/VA simple.

INTEVIO is ideal for educational facilities, commercial spaces, hotels and industrial applications requiring a robust and economical solution to support daily operations by providing clear voice communication messages and vibrant background music combined with fully approved emergency Voice Alarm functions.

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