Maintenance and Services


As only regularly maintained systems can fulfill their tasks for the purpose of the operator’s needs and requirements, the customer service center also offers local maintenance contacts for all systems sold by Honeywell Life Safety Austria. Within the Austrian technical support center we additionally do offer support on-site.

Implementation planning

In order to install the components professionally, it takes competent planning which takes into consideration the regulations and conditions of the facilities. If necessary this can be done by experienced and permanently trained personnel of the technical support center of Honeywell Life Safety Austria.


Should customers not have the know-how which is required for partly very complex system commissioning; these services can be conducted by experienced and skilled technicians of the technical support center.

In coordination and close cooperation with the inspection authorities concepts are developed. These are adapted and aligned in the course of the construction process. After the completion the systems are submitted for certification and undergo an authority-compliant inspection. The organization and execution of this process can be undertaken by the staff of the customer service center.

For all systems sold by Honeywell Life Safety Austria, we offer the professional repair of occurring failures. A technical support, which is available during office hours, receives and accepts malfunction information and supports the facility operator, through which many incidents can be handled in the forefront. Should a service assignment become necessary, this will also be organized by our technical support.