The VARIODYN D1 PAMMI Plus management system: easy and convenient display of VARIODYN D1 system information and for operation and use of the voice alarm and public address system as well. It’s installed on a PC running the Windows operating system as a software application and offers optimum flexibility and freedom of control and use. The graphical user interface can be customized for a particular property, thus being very useful. Whether the customer requires list displays, building plans, or other graphical representations, with PAMMI Plus everything is straightforward and quickly possible. The entire voice alarm and public address system can therefore be serviced and controlled from one or many locations, thanks to the reliable server/client structure of PAMMI Plus, This represents a great benefit and cost-savings potential to facilities such as airports, train stations, multi-branch industrial plants, hotels, shopping centers, and more.

PAMMI Plus = Public Address Man Machine Interface Plus

This product offers such a wide range of functionalities, that this description can only focus on a fraction of its abilities. Therefore a detailed conversation with one of our specialists in any case is worthwhile.

PAMMI Plus PA Server

Part No. 583651

PAMMI Plus Client

Part No. 583652

PAMMI Plus Server/Client

Part No. 583653