Park Garages

CO detection for parking garages - Our PARK system makes the design and installation easy and fast.

Fast and reliable Gas Detection in underground or enclosed parking garages, warehouses or loading docks protect those that work or enter these areas. Those Spaces can become quickly a hazardous area due to exhaust gas emitted by vehicles as well as the poor ventilated spaces. Using a parking garage gas detection system is oftentimes recommended (if not required) to secure these confined spaces.

Our Notifier Park 2000 or Notifier Park 5000 is a compact, modular, conventional CO Gas Detection solutions to protect small to medium parking garages. By automatically warning people in the area and activating common ventilation systems when the carbon monoxide concentration exceeds the safety level, Notifier Park prevents people from being endangered and ensures a quick restore to the normal environmental conditions and operation of the parking area.

Beside other gases the Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the most harmful one detected in parking garages. Our CO-Detector from Notifier (NCO100) is designed according to the regulation EN-xxx.

The dust, pollution and exhaust in a parking garage can become a challenge for detecting fires. Standard smoke detection systems are usually not suitable, therefore heat detecting cables and linear heat detectors are sometimes used to protect parking garages. Also a visual signal board can be critical for the evacuation these areas.

Parking garages are often a part of larger buildings, like shopping malls, hotels, hospitals or apartment buildings. Having a large amount of vehicles, including fuel can lead to critical situations. Contact us for further detail on how our systems can protect your park garage and attached buildings.