Light Industry

Fast & reliable Gas Detection - Protect light industrial sites using standard 4-20mA gas detectors.

Industrial gas detectors are crucial also in light industries, such manufacturing, process industry or laboratories. Gas detection systems are deployed to detect and mitigate gas releases and minimize their potential consequences, as well as avoiding the shutdown or mitigation of functions. The architecture of industries can be quite complex, and gas leakages of flammable, toxic and harmful gases require detection systems that allow wide measurement ranges. Once the gas sensor detects the presence of combustible gas or toxic gas, it will immediately respond by displaying the reading or sounding an alarm. Let people take immediate measures to deal with the leakage, on the other hand, disperse the surrounding air, reduce the concentration of flammable gas in the air, and avoid the occurrence of serious accidents.

Our Notifier NFG-8 is designed to meet the Safety Integrity Level 1 and protect light industrial environments using standard 4-20mA gas detectors. Multiple outputs are available to drive different activations based on the specific gas type and related levels. Up to three detection thresholds can be managed to control ventilation, activate hazard signs, or communicate to process PLC, activating the most appropriate countermeasures based on the event.

Other suitable and integratable products:

There are many different types of industrial gas detectors and each has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to apply the correct technology for the selected application. Feel free to contact us to receive further details and information to our products mentioned or for solutions for your specific project.