Server Room

Extinguishing made easy - Protect the biggest assets of your business - your data and employees

IT Data and Systems are essential in the modern business environment. You will find data center, computer rooms, server rooms or telecommunication rooms in every building. Your data, websites and clouds must be available and protected 24/7 and 365 days a year. Each building and Data Storage room is individual, depending on room size, room structure, devices installed and protection goals. They can be the most expensivest and are definitely most valuable rooms. Fires can ignite due to overheated electronics, electrical failures and easily can spread from one room to the entire building. To avoid downtime and ultimately lose data a well planned Fire Detection and Extinguishing System are vital for the company.

Our Conventional Extinction Panels [RP1R-SUPRA] is a certified, compact solution for automatic detection and releasing systems, tailored for data centers that require high detection reliability and flexible emergency management in case of imminent agent release. A full set of input, monitors all the critical parts of the automatic extinguishing system, that is activated by two automatic detection zones and one additional manual detection zone for multi-consent release strategies. An intuitive graphic display interface, in conjunction with clear LED indicators supports the user to view, understand, manage and take timely.

Additional suitable products are:

  • RP1R-RPT repeater
  • Sounder
  • Manual Call Points
  • ESSER by Honeywell O2T Detector

Do you need Access Control Systems for your data center? Honeywell offers a variety of products beyond the Fire Alarm Systems. Contact us for further details and information.