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Addressable Gas Detection - Suitable for multipurpose environments like hospitals and park garages

Modern medical laboratories and hospitals use a range of gases which can cause both immediate and long-term risks for patients, visitors and the staff. The aim of the gas detection solution in medical facilities is to detect leaks of gases that often have no taste, color or smell such as enriched oxygen (O2), nitrous oxide (N2O), helium (He), nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The potential risk stretches from the basement, where the gases are stored and produced, via a conduit system, to the corridors, to terminal units in operating rooms, intensive care areas, laboratories and treatment rooms. A leak can cause potentially fatal incidents.

The Notifier AM4000G is the Addressable Gas Detection Solution for multipurpose environments like a modern hospital compound. Leveraging on the proven two wire field bus reliability, AM4000G can manage up to 396 detectors of different types on up to 4 loops.

The G700 addressable detector series allows protecting parking areas as well as hospital wards, where you can monitor oxygen levels for both excess or deficient for timely detection of gas leaks while hospital stays. Complex cause-and-effect equations enable the various hazardous conditions to be managed independently and effectively, resulting in a perfect embedding into the hospital's broader emergency management system.

Oxygen and CO2 sensors are used throughout hospitals and medical facilities in many applications beyond patient care. Products in detail:

  • G702
  • G703
  • IIG4N Interface

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contact us if you need further details and information. The AM400G can be used to connect detectors for the hospital and the parking garages of the hospital.