Commercial Offices

MAximum in Scalability - All inclusive Fire Alarm System with native network capabilities

Within a commercial property, certain fire safety regulations must be adhered to in order to ensure the property is safe for those working in it, plus any customers or clients if applicable. Aside from the obvious risks to human life associated with an office fire, there are significant business risks too, including the loss of important documents or the financial effects of a temporary business shutdown.

Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of fire and safety systems to suit the specialist needs of each individual building. Morley-IAS Max is a scalable fire alarm control panel with native networking capabilities that provide flexible cause-and-effect configuration with Boolean logic and 750mA loop power capacity. Morley-IAS Max is not limited in system configuration options and does not require additional modules to enable network connectivity. Our product offers a 7” touch screen display with virtual zone multi-status led indicators, full configuration via the user interface or download of config file using a standard USB stick, without the means of a PC or the system engineer on site.

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contact us if you need further details and information. We have systems in our portfolio that can be deployed either as a "stand alone" system or together as a fully integrated system to suit the most complex fire protection requirements for high-rise office and multi-purpose buildings.