CO detection panel for 1/2 Zones


The PARK2000 carbon monoxide detection panels is specially designed for application in garages with 1 up to 2 CO detection zones. Each zone supports a maximum of 16 NCO100 detectors distributed over a line of up to 500m in length, with 1.5mm2 cable section, twisted and shielded. They have a control module with an LCD screen that displays the alarm and fault levels of each zone and allows the reading of CO concentration per zone in sequential mode. The control unit has direct user functions, accessible by key or pass code. It is possible to recognize events, silence sirens or activate the extractors if the manual mode has been configured. All the main programming functions can be performed from the keypad located on the control unit.

• LCD display indicating the alarm levels and faults of each zone
• Reading of the CO concentration in each zone
• 1 up or 2 CO detection zones
• Up to 16 NCO100 CO detectors per zone
• Up to 1000 m cable length per zone
Power supply
230V AC +-10%
Max power consumption
8.4W @ 24V DC (per zone module)
Operating temperature
-10 °C to +50 °C
Operating humidity
95% max. RH Panel sealing: IP30
W: 228 mm H: 272 mm D: 94 mm
3.4 Kg
Zone Terminals
1,5 mm2 max.
  • P-100 Zone module for PARK systems
  • NCO100 CO detector and socket for PARK systems