FlexES Control Panels

FlexES Control - Intelligent Addressable

Bundles of basic designs for assembly of a fire alarm panel.

Power Supply Extension

A maximum of 450 W is available at 24 V per panel by “cascading” power supply ​modules.
Each power supply module can monitor and charge 2 x 2 batteries 12 V / 26 Ah or 12 V / 12 ​Ah fulfilling the required emergency power buffering time by EN 54-4. A maximum battery capa­city of 24 V / 52 Ah per power supply module is available, which may be increased up to 156 Ah ​with three power supply modules. Thus, the system has sufficient energy reserves for ​alarm zones, fire protection equipment, indicating devices, line smoke and heat ​detectors as well as other detection and control equipment of the system.

Optionally, power supply can be installed in a redundant loop wiring. A ​“three-phase supply” (400 V) is also possible offering the advantage of separate phase supply for each power supply module. Even in the event of a loss of one phase, two more ​power supplies are still available to supply the system.

19" Rack - Intelligent Addressable

The industry-typical set-up of the new cabinet construction system enables a space-saving ​design of the FlexES Control FACP for all conceivable applications.
However, due to the large number of possible configurations, no generally valid common manufac­turer conformity can be designed.
For this reason, a total of eleven different configuration options have been predefined.
These are already pre-tested and must be implemented in this form in order to ensure ​manufacturer conformity in accordance with construction product guidelines.
If the components are integrated into an equipment cabinet independently by an installer, ​this installer must declare the conformity.
For this purpose, we provide the installer with a certification form, which must be ​completed and returned to the operator.
To order an equipment cabinet, regardless of whether the assembly is carried out by ​ESSER or by the installer, the order must be placed using an appropriate form.
This is available as a download "FlexES order form" in the protected customer area of our ​website at www.hls-austria.com.
Please understand that in order to comply with the ​construction product guidelines, we can only process orders for 19" equipment cabinets, ​which are available from us together with the completed order form.

Compatible external serial printers for FlexES Control:Printer MEFA (Part No. FX808353, FX808354, FX808353.INT, FX808354.INT)