Control Panels

High performance fire detection control units for any kind of application.

Power Supplies

Power supply devices that can be used in various product categories.

Displays and Operating Units

Informative, decentralised report indication transmitted by the hazard detection system and control of essential control panel functions.

Data Transmission

Remote data transmission for various product categories.

Network Technology

essernet and IGIS-Loop security network technology.

Automatic Detectors

Extensive range of state-of-the-art automatic fire detectors for early fire detection purposes including high-performance and practical accessory items for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Manual Call Points

Broad range of manual call points for manual actuation of hazard reports.

Transponders | Input & Output Modules

Comprehensive range of decentralised, bus-compatible expansion options for fire detection systems.

Wireless Components

The following wireless modules are compatible with IQ8Control and FlexES Control panels. Communication between the wireless devices is set up via a dual band transmission mode. The wireless technology applies frequency hopping to enable highest transmission security.

Detectors For Special Applications

Systems designed for early fire detection purposes in buildings that do not allow the installation of point-shaped fire detectors.

Alarm Devices

Optical and acoustic signalling devices for local alarm actuation in the event of a fire.

Door Release System

Components designed for setting up and controlling fire door control systems and smoke barriers.