Control Panels

FlexES Control Panels

The modular hardware and software concept allows customizing a fire alarm system by expanding and scaling its performance through additional hardware modules or software upgrades depending on the need. The functionality of the fire alarm control panel FlexES control is based on only six different pluggable modules. They are easy to assemble, replace, or supplement according to the plug-and-play principle. This modular concept covers all present and future needs: The solution is perfectly coordinated - not over-sized today and expandable at any time in the future. One FlexES control operates up to 18 loops.

IQ8Control Panels

Fronts, Modules & Accessories The IQ8Control fire detection panels are fully compatible with FACP 8000 panels within essernet applications.

Extinguishing Control Panels

Modern, bus-compatible and cost-effective solution suitable for fire alarm panel expansion purposes to ensure extensive fire protection for the systematic use of release control equipment on site.