Hardware option TCP/IP converter, Ethernet RS232 / RS485


This hardware option is used to connect a remote essernet via a (for example) company-wide Ethernet LAN to a WINMAGplus control center via TCP/IP. This allows the device to be used as a protocol converter between the SEI contained on the essernet and the WINMAGplus control center available in the Ethernet LAN.
  • Transmission with RS 232 max. length 15 m and with RS485 max. length 1,000 m
  • Serial interface: RS232, RS422 or RS485 (2- and 4-wire), configurable via software
  • Transmission speed: 300 baud to max. 230 kBaud configurable via software
  • Serial connection: D-Sub 25, socket
  • Ethernet interface: 10Base-T/100Base-TX
  • Transmission speed: 10/100/auto Mbit, configurable via software
  • Mode of transmission: half- /full-duplex or automatic, configurable via software
  • Network access: RJ 45
  • Supported protocol: ARP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, Telenet, TFTP, AutoIP, DHCP, HTTP, SNMP, TCP, UDP and Telnet, TFTP
Additional information:
System requirements for operation and software configuration: Windows® 2000/XP.
Bidirectional or unidirectional data transfer depends on the SEI used, thus serial essernet interface EDP unidirectional Part No. 784855 or bidirectional Part No. 784856. Up to 20 TCP/IP converters can be connected per personal computer.