Line heat detector Honeywell DTS - evaluation unit, distance range 10 km


Approval: VdS, UL, ATEX, LPCB

DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) System is capable of detecting fires and accurately locate spots of the fire. The system allows to precisely measure, locate and signalize already small differences of temperature changes by measuring and highlighting temperature of a specific spot vs. environment. Fire resistant (PH category) sensing cable is capable to take signals also during a fire, even when temperatures are up to 750°C (max. two hours). That allows to monitor the progress of fire and supervise fire rescue action accordingly.
The system can work as a standalone system or be easily integrated into existing management platforms (e.g. SCADA systems) by either communicating directly over Ethernet (TCP/IP) using SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments) or Modbus (IP or RTU).

Evaluation unit in a 19" rack mount housing.

  • Multicolor LCD display
  • LED indicators: Alarm, Measurement, Fault, Operation
  • Temperature measurement and monitoring via fiberoptic sensor cable (Part No. 970150.IN or 970153.IN)
  • 1, 2 or 4 measurement channels per evaluation unit
  • Loop or open line sensor cable topology
  • Up to 256 independent alarm zones per channel
  • Up to 10 km sensor cable for each channel
  • Laser power below 20 mW
  • 10 seconds measurement cycles
  • Spatial resolution 0.5 m
  • Relay interface, optionally Modbus IP/RTU
  • Bidirectional, full digital integration with ESSER by Honeywell fire alarm systems

Operating voltage 10 ... 30 V DC
Power consumption
approx. 17 W @ 20 °C ambient temperature
Operating temperature
-10 °C ... 60 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C ... 80 °C
Air humidity
< 95 % (non condensing)
Type of protection
approx. 9 kg
W: 448 mm H: 88 mm D: 364 mm 2 HU, 19"
Detection Range 10 km

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