Approval: G 214010

The VEU series of aspirating smoke detectors are the premium detector of the VESDA-E range. An Ultra-wide sensitivity range; 15 times greater than VESDA VLP, and provision for more sampling holes provide an increased coverage in high airflow applications by at least 40%. Considerably longer linear pipe runs and extended branched pipe network configurations cater perfectly to applications with higher ceilings providing an increased coverage by up to 80% whilst allowing convenient detector mounting for ease of service and maintenance. A range of revolutionary new features provide unsurpassed detection performance, flexibility, field programmability, connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

Flair Detection Technology
Flair is the revolutionary new detection chamber that forms the core of VESDA-E VEU, providing better detection, fewer nuisance alarms, higher stability, increased longevity and particle characterisation. Direct imaging of the sampled particles using a CMOS imager combined with multiple photo-diodes provides vastly more data that can be used to derive actionable information about the observed particles using analytics.

  • Multi stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers
  • Four alarm levels and an ultra wide sensitivity range
  • USB for PC configuration, and firmware upgrade using a memory stick
  • Remote monitoring with iVESDA
  • Fully backward compatible with VLP and VESDAnet
  • AutoLearn™ smoke and flow
  • Extensive event log - 20 000 events

Additional Information:
Filter included in detector

Alarm current @ 24 V DC approx. 646 mA
Operating voltage 18 ... 30 V DC
Weight kg approx. 4,83 kg
Air humidity 10 ... 95 % (non-condensing)
Quiescent current @ 24 V DC approx. 613 mA
Type of protection IP40
Area to be monitored max. 6500 m²
Ambient temperature -10 °C ... 38 °C
Dimensions W: 350 mm H: 225 mm D: 135 mm
Contact load relay 2 A @ 30 V DC NO/NC contacts
Alarm sensitivity 0.005%–20% obs/m
Cable termination 0.2–2.5 sq mm
Max. single pipe length 160 m
Aspirated air temperature -20 °C ... 60 °C
Specification EN 54-20, Class A, B, C
Max. total branched pipe length 800 m
Number of holes (A/B/C) 80/80/100
  • VSP-962 VESDA Filter for VEU, VEP, VES

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