Mar 22, 2019

To maintain best in class product performance and efficient technical support we are constantly optimizing our Aspiration Detection (ASD) portfolio. After introduction of the smartVESDA E Aspiration Detection (ASD) devices into our offering, we herewith inform you about the planned phase out of the FAAST X ASD series. The FAAST XS, XM and XT are now completely replaced by the VESDA E series ASD devices.
Be aware, the phase out is NOT including the FAAST LT-200 ASD. The FAAST LT-200 will stay in portfolio as it is, especially for class C applications.

Benefits of VESDA E series:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity for greater coverage in high airflow environments
  • Newest flair detection technology reducing false alarms
  • Intelligent, integrated filter system with clean air barrier to protect the detection chamber
  • Intuitive display showing status and measurement values
  • i-VESDA App for remote access via integrated WLAN
  • Modular and flexible Stax-technology to minimize installation effort

What does the FAAST X phase out mean for you

  • From now on our sales team will offer only the new VESDA E devices with all their benefits in new projects.
  • We will be glad to support you also in a transition from FAAST X to VESDA E devices in active quotes or orders, if interested.
  • The FAAST X series devices will be available for confirmed orders or quotes until 31st August 2019
  • After this date warranty claims, will be still processed and supported for the usual warranty period

As ASD projects are very application related, our sales team will be pleased to answer all your questions and support you in the transition to the intelligent VESDA E devices.