WINMAG plus V6 is a scalable software solution with a clear price model, for use in small and large buildings. It has been specially developed to meet the requirements of managing and integrated hazard detection systems on a single PC platform. Of course, you can test the WINMAG V6 software in advance without a dongle or license option. After you have downloaded the software package „WINMAGplus program package" from our homepage and installed it on your PC, the software is available without runtime limitation and a maximum quantity of 15 reporting points for any number of connections. Please note that the software is stored in the protected area. For login you need a password, which you will receive after registration.

For the installation of WINMAG plus V6, the language of the installed OS is automatically used - if this is not available, English is automatically used. Of course, a technician can program the software in his native language and finally change the language for the end user.