IQ8Wireless universal interface w/o cover, white


Approval: VdS

As 805601.10 but white color.
Radio interface suitable for:
  • IQ8MCP - electronic module, large design (Part No. 804905/ 804906)
  • IQ8MCP – complete package, small design (Part No. 804971)
  • IQ8MCP - electronic module, small design (Part No. 804955), only with mounting frame (Part No. 704967)
  • IQ8Quad detectors (with and without alarm signaling devices)
  • IQ8Alarm alarm signaling device (Part No. 8073xx)

Radio interface features:
  • The IQ8 components are individually identified on the FACP
  • Regular functionality performance checks of IQ8 components
  • Fault signal when the IQ8 components are removed from the FACP
  • Operating mode display directly at the IQ8 manual call point and IQ8Quad detector
  • Alarm and fault message transmission in compliance with EN 54-2
  • Easy detector removal and battery replacement using multi-functional key
  • Remote operation of IQ8 components possible (max. 3 meters) via 2-wire line
  • Constant battery status monitoring
  • Early battery replacement notification at the FACP

Additional Information:
Only use small manual call points with mounting frame Part No. 704967.
The batteries to be used are components of the device approval according to EN 54 and are specified by the manufacturer. With the IQ8Wireless radio components, only the approved batteries with Part No. 805597 may be used. Use of batteries other than those specified by us automatically voids the product’s device approval (VdS-approval) and may not be used for example in Germany in fire alarm systems under legal building regulations.
*The battery operating time is dependent on the type of detector/device used, as well as the application temperature and additional surrounding conditions. It can be substantially restricted by increased current consumption of the wireless devices in the case of alarm, wireless interference or poor transmission, or even possibly through contact resistance at the contacts. Please note important instructions for usage of batteries in in manual Part No. 798941.10 (available at the website).

Scope of Delivery:

4 x 3.6 V lithium batteries (Part No. 805597)
Application temperature -5 °C ... 55 °C
Operating voltage 4 x 3.6 V batteries
Battery operating time approx. 3 years*
CE certificate 0786-CPD-20623
Color red, similar to RAL 3020
Frequency band 1 433 MHz with 16 channels
Frequency band 2 868 MHz with 7 channels
Weight g approx. 285 g (incl. batteries, without attachment)
Storage temperature -20 °C ... 70 °C (w/o batteries); 15 °C ... 35 °C (with batteries)
Material PC/ASA plastic
Range outside max. 300 m
Range inside max. 30 m
Air humidity < 95 % (non-condensing)
Type of protection IP 42
Specification EN 54-18:2005/-25:2008
Current consumption approx. 30 μA
Data transmission speed 19,2 Kbit/s
VdS class F
VdS-Nr G 206092
Dimensions W: 135 mm H: 135 mm D: 20 mm (without attachment)
Declaration of Performance DoP-20623130701
  • 704967 Mounting frame for small MCP, white
  • 805603 IQ8Wireless-mounting frames for IQ8Alarm, white
  • 805604 IQ8Wireless-mounting frames for IQ8Quad, white