FAAST™ Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology offers the earliest and most accurate fire detection so you can detect fires before they happen.
The world’s first web & IP enabled aspiration device enables remote monitoring from any location. With Ultra sensitive detection to EN54-20 Class A and immunity to false alarm risks, you can support your end user uptime goals.

FAAST LT-200 esserbus

The FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®) system is a aspirating smoke detector that draw air into a patented, high-sensitivity smoke-sensing chamber through a pipe network, it delivers highly accurate and discrete early warning fire detection.
FAAST LT-200 esserbus includes specially designed IR-LED detection chamber inside, adjustable air flow monitoring allowing to adapt for special applications where multiple air flow conditions may occur and internal design features to protect vulnerable components from environmental and human threats. The device is fast to install and easy to commission thanks to PipeIQ pipe design and configuration software which is included as standard.
The FAAST LT-200 esserbus is connected directly on the esserbus. All devices are members of the esserbus loop and are easy programmed with commissioning software tools8000. We recommend to use version V1.24, wher the integrated transponder of the aspirating detector will be pre-assembled. A range of customisable settings are geared towards maximising device performance and meeting different application needs. To accommodate local installation standards or environments, flow and general fault delays can also be set.