Venturi air duct module for IQ8Quad OTblue-LKM


Air duct module for usage of the OTblue-LKM multisensor detector IQ8Quad Part No. 802379/800379 or OTblue-LKM multisensor detector ES Detect Part No. 800379 in combination with Venturi tubes Part No. 781466, 781467 or 781468. The kit is mounted outside of the air duct system. The Venturi tube dips into the airflow of the system and conducts the air into the detection chamber and back and into the air duct system. During operation, the detector and the alarm LED is visible so that a remote indicator is not required. The housing doesn’t need to be opened for maintenance purposes. This can be easily done by using the separate opening in the front of the housing.

  • Single-tube air analysis system based on the Venturi principle
  • Optimum utilization of air flow velocity through new Venturi tube design
  • Integrated maintenance opening in the front cover so that air duct smoke detector can be tested
  • Suitable for air duct widths from 0.6 to 2.8 m
  • Integrated air flow display
  • Mounting on round and insulated air duct with mounting kit Part No. 781469

Additional Information:
Please note that the detector must be mounted horizontally! Suitable for monitoring of air duct systems with a minimum diameter of 100 mm.

Scope of Delivery:
2 x cable glands M20 with nut, 1 x tube end cap, mounting screws included. Without OTblue-LKM detector, detector base, Venturi tube and filter cartridge

Ambient temperature 0°C ... 38°C
Storage temperature -30°C ... 75°C
Specification EN 54-27
Color gray
Housing ABS plastic
Weight approx. 650 g (without base, detector, pipe)
Type of protection IP54
Dimensions W: 165 mm H: 279 mm D: 83 mm
  • 781464 Spare filters for weather protection housing
  • 781465 Weather protection housing for detector
  • 781466 Venturi tube, 0.6 m
  • 781467 Venturi tube, 1.5 m
  • 781468 Venturi tube, 2.8 m
  • 781469 Mounting set for LKM 781463
  • 781470 Cable glands M20 f. weather protection housing

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