VARIODYN ONE – New firmware and feature release

Feb 07, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of a new firmware, adding an additional set of new features to VARIODYN ONE.

VARIODYN has been one of the most trusted brands in the Voice Alarm domain across the EN 54 markets and VARIODYN ONE is fast establishing itself as the NEXT GEN, most attractive enterprise offering, helping us to reduce overall system cost and making you more productive to venture into medium & large sites installing our system.

There has been special attention paid to improving the user experience of using the Configuration tool and this has been possible through continuous engagement with our customers at each step of building features, whist getting your feedback to improvise system design during development stage.

The new release is including following new features and enhancements:
  • AVC (Automatic Volume Control) - VARIODYN ONE allows output volume to be changed automatically depending on ambient volume
  • Battery & heat output calculation
  • Backup amplifier channel optimization
  • Import/export improvements
  • Volume control improvements
  • Check consistency improvements for Cause & Effect
  • Cyber Security - VARIODYN ONE is following ANSI/ISA 62443-4-2 and ANSI/ISA 62443-3-3

The following components are included in this release and can be downloaded from our download area:

Product Version
Configuration Tool 2.2.0-R000
INC Firmware 1.6.0-R001
ETCS Firmware 3.1.1
Management tool 4.72.100

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you are using a Configuration Tool version 1.x.x, before installing the new Configuration Tool version, please export any existing project and import it in the newest version.