Mar 22, 2019

With the IQ8Alarm Plus alarm devices, new fault monitoring measures have been introduced, e.g. detection of exceeding the load factor in loop operation.

During operation of the IQ8Alarm Plus devices on IQ8Wireless interface (Part-No. 805601/2.10), it was determined as part of our quality monitoring measures that after activation of the optical or acoustic signaling devices an error code "30" is displayed on the fire alarm panel.

After further analysis, it cannot be ruled out that this error code may also occur after installation in objects. However, an alarm loss can generally be ruled out and there is no safety risk.

IQ8Alarm Plus signaling devices have been delivered since March 2018. The necessary software adaptation for wireless technology is expected to be completed in June 2019.

Until the software change has been implemented, the EN54-3 signaling devices should be used for planned objects with IQ8Wireless interface (Part-No. 805601/2.10). There is no interference with wired bus devices in loop or spur mode, the EN54-23 signaling devices can still be used.

If you are affected, we kindly ask you to exchange the signaling devices for alternative types according to EN54-3 via the return process

We apologize for the inconvenience and provide you the following table with the part numbers of the signaling devices with the respective replacement types.