Sep 25, 2019

Once a fire started it can spread within seconds and the most critical factor in saving human lives and minimizing material damage is an early detection of it, which can only be ensured by having advanced fire detection technologies in place.

Aspirating smoke detectors are part of a professional fire alarm system, which reacts to even the smallest particle contamination in the room air, thus making possible the early detection of fire. These detectors basically consist of an aspiration pipe system which continuously aspire air samples and an evaluation unit which examines the sample for smoke particles.

The aspirating smoke detectors are a great option for a variety of applications ranging from areas with high requirements towards early fire detection, to areas that are difficult to access, and also to buildings in which the interior and the aesthetics of the building have to be considered.

Honeywell has an extensive portfolio of aspirating smoke detectors engineered for reliability with design flexibility. These are built to operate in even the most complex of environments. Click here to view our aspirating smoke detectors portfolio and start planning your next project!

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