BOSE Loudspeaker

The Bose sound quality you expect. The improvements you need. FreeSpace FS loudspeakers are the next step of our widely trusted line of in-ceiling and surface-mount loudspeakers, offering significant upgrades in durability, design, and ease of installation — all with remarkably consistent tonality. Engineered for high-quality performance in both background music and voice announcement applications, FS loudspeakers are ideal for almost any commercial space. The line includes five loudspeakers, two distinct levels of sound, new mounting options, and a modern aesthetic to match. For those seeking consistent, quality installed sound, FreeSpace FS loudspeakers are the perfect mix of performance and value.

Bose FreeSpace FS2SE, black

Part No. 841151-0310

Bose FreeSpace FS2SE, white

Part No. 841151-0410

Bose FreeSpace FS2P, black

Part No. 841153-0310

Bose FreeSpace FS2P, white

Part No. 841153-0410

Bose FreeSpace FS2C, black

Part No. 841154-0310

Bose FreeSpace FS2C, white

Part No. 841154-0410

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE, black

Part No. 841155-0310

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE, white

Part No. 841155-0410

Bose FreeSpace FS4CE, black

Part No. 841156-0310

Bose FreeSpace FS4CE, white

Part No. 841156-0410

FreeSpace FS4CE Tile Bridge

Part No. 841161-0010

FreeSpace FS2C Tile Bridge

Part No. 841162-0010

FreeSpace FS2C Retrofit Kit, black

Part No. 842864-0110

FreeSpace FS2C Retrofit Kit, white

Part No. 842864-0210