Our seminars that take place on a regular basis convey to you the specialist knowledge required in the field of fire detection, voice alarm, and higher-level management systems.

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Further Information regarding Fire Safety, Voice Alarm and Public Adress as well as Hazard Management System Trainings:

Herbert Trettler
Head of Training

Your technical competency is important to us:

  • We offer you fully equipped, spacious and modern training rooms.
  • The training boards for the practical workshops were newly revised and are plentiful.
  • These training boards can be used to simulate many situations occurring during the average working day and therefore various programming modes tested in safety .
  • The lessons thereby learned can therefore be put into practice immediately.
  • In order to be able to meet the demand for training, 4 trainers have been put at your disposal!

"By attending our workshops you save time and can thereby increase your productivity at a faster rate.“
~ Herbert Trettler, Head of Training

Site of training/times of training
All the seminars offered are taking place in our Honeywell Life Safety training centers in:

  • Austria, 1120 Vienna, Technologiestr. 5, Building F, 3rd floor.
  • Romania, 02339 Bucharest, G. Constantinescu Str. 3, Upground - BOC Office Building, Entrance A, 4th floor,
  • Romania, 305500 Lugoj, Salcamilor Str. 2 bis

as well as in other locations announced timely before the programmed training date. The training sessions' goal, target group and schedule can be found in each training description. The training days start at 9 am and end approx. at 4.30 pm. The training dates must be agreed with our Sales staff in advance.

If not agreed on differently with our Sales Staff, the training costs up to Euro 100.- excluding VAT for each course day and attendee. This does not include any accommodation costs, travel expenses etc. The attendance fee must be paid 14 days prior to the event. Discounts can not be deducted.

Specific training for companies
We are more than willing to offer you training sessions that are tailored to your requirements. Requests in relation to this matter should be sent to the Head of Training, Herbert Trettler resp. the sales staff.

Deadlines and cancellation fees
Training sessions with costs: the attendance fee becomes due if you do not attend the training session and do not submit your written cancellation at least 5 working days in advance.

If we have aroused your interest in our training sessions, then we would ask you to register yourself and your employees on month at the latest before the training session commences. Since there is a restriction on the number of places, those registrations which are received first shall be accepted. Registrations have to be submitted via email to or or fax by filling out the registration form which is attached at the end of the training programs (company seal has to be visible).

Contact partner
Please get in touch with the following contact partners should you have any further questions:

For Austria and Eastern Adriatic Countries:

Ing. Herbert Trettler (Head of Training)
Phone +43 (01) 600 60 30-148

Susanne Stojilkovic
Phone +43 (01) 600 60 30-164
Fax +43 (01) 600 60 30-900

Bucharest Tech. Support & Training Center:

Phone +40 (0) 31 224 3001
Fax +40 (0) 212048165
Lugoj Technical Support & Training Center:

Phone +40 (0) 256 350 000
Fax +40 (0) 256 307 564

Last-minute changes to the seminar schedule and content of training may occur.