If you are lucky to watch football live in a stadium, take a look around, maybe you are protected by Honeywell equipment. Our systems ensure that you can concentrate fully on your loudest cheers.Together with you, our partner, we offer fans worldwide unrivaled views of the action in state-of-the-art facilities while generating an unbeatable atmosphere. Our products are setting standards for supporters and performers alike and offer reliable life safety and security voice alarming in parallel.

The Needs

Some stadia can no longer fulfil 21st century expectations, they need to extend existing facilities, exchange installations or completely rebuild or new build. High on the list of priorities are most of the times the provision of high quality audio as well as safe and secure, comfortable and energy efficient, productive and innovative Security, Fire and Voice Alarm Systems.

The Solution

  • Sophisticated Fire detection and alarm systems for environmentally challenging and large scale areas
  • Reliable Fire extinguishing controls for critical infrastructure areas as server rooms
  • Standard-compliant evacuation with networkable Public Address Voice Alarm (PA/VA)
  • Powerful pro-sound acoustic systems for efficient music, show, paging broadcasting to the main stadium area
  • Integrated Security Solution with innovative intrusion alarm technology,
  • Pioneering Video Surveillance Systems (VSS/CCTV) with networkable video recorders and wide spectrum of IP cameras
  • Access control systems and turnstiles
  • Building Management Systems with HVAC control, energy management and media monitoring
  • Emergency Lighting systems with passive and active evacuation routines

Honeywell systems will provide a safer, more secure and more comfortable facility and bring about better building control as well as lower operating costs over the life span of the stadium.

For example, music, announcements and alarms can be transmitted from several VARIODYN D1 operator stations simultaneously to the main field, the stands and adjoining parts of the stadium. During an event, it is possible to add areas in the stadium via a simple keystroke at the VARIODYN D1 call station without interruption of current audio or to adjust the volume depending on the time of day and the number of visitors. It is also possible to prerecord live announcements to automatically broadcast them when a zone is available.

Honeywell’s Systems are focused on design, installation, commissioning, project management and technical support of all the building, security and life safety management systems – Honeywell and third party. Factoring in the stadium’s business goals, we can provide the integration expertise to bring all the different applications together into one common operating platform.

The Benefits

Technical & Economic Benefits of our systems (Fire Alarm Systems, PA/VA and security systems) for stadiums:

  • Integrated design approach, enables efficient design development for faster implementation
  • Common infrastructure resiliency
  • A common upgrade path
  • Centralized data management systems
  • Data collection supports Management Information and cost savings in respect of operating the system / the building. Also revenue generation.
  • Building management systems linked into business systems e. g. Supply chain, EPOS, HR database
  • Cost savings on installation, including leveraging the use of cabling infrastructure
  • Cause&Effect system reaction triggered seamlessly across all integrated systems
  • Coordination of all integrated systems reaction for security alarms, fire events
  • Digital data, events exchange between integrated systems instead of multiple hardwired crosslinked individual signal interfaces
  • Data storing, analyzing and processing in supervisory computer management system
  • Manual override interfaces allowing operator to force change of automatic cause&effect algorithms and system activations
  • Improved ROI over Stadium’s life cycle
The ability to collect, integrate and distribute data from/to multiple point taps the full potential of information exchange and technology use enforce operating as intended. Adopting a ‘big picture’ perspective also supports an understanding of ‘cause and effect’ issues and ensures an informed response. It clears the facts in an emergency and mitigates risk.

Our systems are very flexible. Changes can be made without disruption to business as usual. It also integrates with the stadium’s business systems to support permanent stadium occupancy of several hundred if not thousands of visitors.


Allianz Stadion – Wien, Austria (Seating capacity: 24.000)
O2 Arena – Prague, Czech Republic (Seating capacity: 18.000)
Lanxess Arena - Cologne, Germany (Seating capacity: 18.000)
Medical Park Arena (Akyazi Football Arena) – Trabzon, Turkey (Seating capacity: 41.000)
Helios Arena - Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany (Seating capacity: 6.000)
And many more…