Gas Detection Systems

Gas leaks and too high concentration pose a major threat to buildings, the environment and human life. From simple CO detection for parking garages to multi-gas detection for a variety of different types of gases, we can offer detectors and panels to fulfill the needs in many applications. Our products are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance to support quick, informed decisions in the event of a gas-related emergency.

Learn more about the CO detection system PARK for up to 5 zones perfectly designed for garages or other vehicle depots. Just a few products like panels, detector and visual signs make the design and installation easy and fast.

Learn more about the Multi-Gas detection with conventional 8 zone panel NFG-8 and the corresponding gas detectors for dusty areas or even applications with the need of explosion proof components. Both with a wide portfolio of different gas analytics such as acetylene acetate, ammonia, butane, chlorine, carbon dioxide and many more.