Tunnel Safety Solutions: Honeywell Equips Tunnels with DTS Fire Detection

Jul 10, 2018

Tunnels are among the most demanding environments for fire safety technology, and require careful planning and rigorous testing before commissioning. From road tunnels to subways and railroad tunnels, these structures serve as an integral part of modern infrastructure which should remain operational around the clock. This pushes expectations of fire safety equipment, software and know-how to an even higher level.

With the help of distributed thermal sensing (DTS) technology and PA/VA solutions Honeywell have already successfully provided effective tunnel safety systems for the belt highway around Prague (the Czech Republic), the Hinterglemm tunnel in Salzburg (Austria), and during a unique tunnel project in Poland.

Benefits of the DTS technology

DTS incorporates fiber-optic cables which have unique properties ideally suited to tunnel environments:

• Minimal diameter (<5 mm) and weight (<30 g/m) – heating up quickly for rapid heat detection, and very flexible to install, even in difficult locations

• Bend radius: 4-8 cm

• No active elements

• Max. length 10 km, detection over entire length

• Ability to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000° Celsius

• Resistant to corrosion, air flow and humidity

• Wide range of operating tempe ratures (-10 to 60° C)

• Laser output below 20 mW

Combined with powerful Honeywell software, DTS systems provide reliable and safe operation at low operating cost requiring minimal maintenance.

Standards and Regulations

Honeywell Fire and PA/VA Solutions are operating in many countries across the entire Eastern European region. The company has great technical expertise and a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements of each project. All Honeywell product and system solutions for road tunnels are fully compliant with European road safety standards and regulations, such as the Austrian National Roads Administration’s RVS guidelines and European Union Directive EU/2004/54/EC.

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