Li-Ion Tamer Combined controller


The Li-Ion Tamer Rack Monitoring system is a device that monitors lithium-ion battery off-gas events. Off-gas events occur early in the failure mode of lithium-ion batteries and very early detection of these events allow proper mitigation steps to be taken to avoid a catastrophic thermal runaway failure. Up to 15 Off-gas sensors are connected to the controller that contains proprietary logic to diagnose when and where battery off-gas events have occurred. It has digital and Modbus serial outputs that can be used to electrically isolate the battery system and activate the ventilation system
• Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures
• Enable thermal runaway prevention with proper mitigation actions
• Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells
• Extended product lifetime
• Calibration-free product
• Highly reliable output signal
• Low power consumption
• Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
• Easy installation
• Independent and redundant perspective on battery health
• Auto diagnostic capabilities
• Reduction/removal of false positive signals
• Several communication protocols including digital outputs and Modbus serial communication
Operating voltage 8 – 28 VDC
Max sensors per controller
System outputs
Digital outputs/MODBUS
Current consumtion (no sensors)
2.4 W (@ 24VDC) 1.4 W (@ 12 VDC)
Current consumption (fully populated, 15 sensors)
6.6 W (@ 24 VDC) 5.6 W (@ 12 VDC)
Fuse Rating
3.5 A
Temperature range
-10 to +60 °C
Air Humidity
5 to 95% RH
Max temperature change
8.6 °C/min
W: 210 mm L: 113 mm H: 63 mm
• LT-SEN-M Monitoring sensor
• LT-SEN-R Reference sensor
• LT-AC-PCL 10' Power Cable
• LT-ACC-DCL 10' Digital Output Cable
• LT-ACC-MCL-25 25' Monitoring Sensor Cable (RJ45 Black)
• LT-ACC-MCL-50 50' Monitoring Sensor Cable (RJ45 Black)
• LT-ACC-MCL-100 100' Monitoring Sensor Cable (RJ45 Black)
• LT-ACC-RCL-25 25' Reference Sensor Cable (RJ45 Blue)
• LT-ACC-RCL-50 50' Reference Sensor Cable (RJ45 Blue)
• LT-ACC-RCL-100 100' Reference Sensor Cable (RJ45 Blue)
• LT-ACC-CCL-1 1' Controller Daisy Chain Cable (RJ45 Grey)
• LT-ACC-CCL-3 3' Controller Daisy Chain Cable (RJ45 Grey)
• LT-ACC-CCL-25 25' Controller Daisy Chain Cable (RJ45 Grey)
• LT-ACC-SCL MODBUS Serial Cable
• LT-ACC-RLY Form C Relay
• LT-ACC-TST DEC Bump Test Bottle

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